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Barbara In Black (BBC Thriller, Tracy Lloyd, Anthony Newlands)



Barbara In Black BBC Crime Drama

In six part BBC thriller Barbara In Black, a crash on a Welsh hillside starts off a strange chain of events involving a miner and his family, a professor and a middle eastern monarch. The miners daughter Barbara (Tracey Lloyd) found herself at the centre of the mystery.

In the late fifties and early sixties whilst US TV was busy making glossy color filmed westerns the BBC were making a habit of going the other way and making tight, compelling six part thrillers (very much in the Francis Durbridge vein) and this was one of them, with a script from the always reliable Elaine Morgan and made somewhat unusual by it’s Welsh setting and plentiful bit parts for Welsh actors.

Cast: Tracey Lloyd as Barbara Griffiths; Anthony Newlands as Ladysmith; John Cairney as Doctor Dave Sharland; John Gill as Brachet; Neil McCarthy as Cobley; Jack Rodney as Louther; Edward Evans as Superintendent; Douglas Blackwell as Chief Inspector; Prysor Williams as Will Griffiths; Dilys Davies as May Griffiths; Neville Becker as Ben Hassim; Rhys Williams as Station Sergeant Ieuan; Hubert Rees as Police Constable Evans; D L Davies as Bassett; Joy Leman as Receptionist; Wilem Meilen as Porter; Dillwyn Owen as Morris

Writer: Elaine Morgan / Theme Music: Arwel Hughes / Producer and Director: David J. Thomas (film sequences directed by Arthur Williams)

UK / BBC / 6×50 minute episodes / 19 February – 26 March 1962 black and white