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Australian TV

Barrier Reef (Channel 10 1971 with Rowena Wallace and Joe James)



Australia / Channel 10 – Fauna / 39×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1971

Producer: Lee Robinson, Joy Cavill / Executive Producers: John McCallum, Bob Austin

Action adventure series. The exploits of a science team on a boat called New Endeavor monitoring the sea bed and getting involved in adventures along the way. The ship was kitted out with all manner of scientific gizmo’s and was like a laboratory at sea, the ship contained computers, underwater radio equipment, a jet boat and a two man submarine.

The crew were financed by a giant industrial and pastoral group to locate sunken wreck which might just contain “extremely valuable cargo”. Fauna who made the show for 10 had only recently finished filming Skippy.

Critics were not overly kind to the series however branding the show “kidult”, an article in the TV Week of 6 February 1971 said “the money should have been spent on a good rewrite coach” the writer of the piece Herb Martin feeling the scripts were not up to par.

JOE JAMES as Captain Ted King
ROWENA WALLACE as Tracey Deane
ELLI McCLURE as Diana Parker
KEN JAMES as Kip Young
GEORGE ASSANG as Jack Meurauki
SUSANNAH BRETT as Elizabeth Brett
IHAB NAFA as Dr Paul Hanna