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Bat Masterson Bat Masterson


Bat Masterson (NBC 1958-1961, Gene Barry)



Western drama series telling of the exploits of lawman Bat Masterson in the days of the Old West. Based on a real character (though it’s unlikely he was anything like he was portrayed here).

In the series Bat wore a Derby hat and carried a gold topped cane as did, apparently the real Bat (although that was because he had been shot in the pelvis during a fight over a woman and not for affectation).

Opening intro: “Back when the west was very young, there lived a man named Masterson; he wore a cane and derby hat, they called him Bat, Bat Masterson.”

production details
USA / NBC – Ziv – United Artists / 108×30 minute episodes / 1958-61 (Broadcast 8 September 1958 – 21 September 1961)

Producers: Andy White, Frank Pitman / Series Announcer: Bill Baldwin.

GENE BARRY as Bat Masterson



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