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BBC One O’Clock News



The BBC’s half hour lunch news bulletin is the most watched lunchtime news show, for many years Martyn Lewis was the main newsreader and whilst it doesn’t offer too much different in the way of content to the main late evening news it does tend to a slightly lighter tone at times. Jill Dando was also a newsreader for the show for most of the nineties until her murder in 1999. Sophie Raworth took over as anchor after Anna Ford broadcast her final edition on 27 April 2006.

Main presenters have been Martyn Lewis (1986-99) | Jill Dando (1993-99) | Anna Ford (1991-1996, 2000-2006) | Andrew Harvey (1991-1996) | Philip Hayton | Triona Holden (1993-1996) | Edward Stourton(1993-1999)
Regular new presenters include Sophie Raworth, Darren Jordon, Jane Hill and Sian Williams.

John Simpson is been world affairs editor of the show.

The weather forecast which has always been a part of the show (usually the last five minutes) has been presented by the likes of Michael Fish (1986-2004) | Ian McCaskill (1986-1998) | Bernard Davey (1987-1993) | Penny Tranter (1992-) |Isobel Lang (1995-) | Helen Willetts (1997-) | Carol Kirkwood (1998-) | Darren Bett (1997-) | Daniel Corbett (1997-2000) (2004-) | Alex Deakin (2000-)

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