BBC4 Launch Night



BBC4 Launch Night, focused on the arrival of BBC4, a digital channel devoted to cultural achievement, encompassing documentary, music, theatre and international cinema. The launch night was simulcast on BBC Two. NOTE: BBC4 launched before the proposed BBC3 channel.

The launch night programmes were as follows:-

The Man Who Destroyed Everything:- Documentary about artist Michael Landy who in February 2001 set about destroying all his worldly possessions

BBC4 News:- Presented by George Alagiah and Kirsty Young

Goya: Crazy Like A Genius:- Documentary exploring the life and work of 19th century Spanish artist Francisco de Goya

Surrealissimo:- Comedy drama about a mock trial of Salvador Dali. See separate entry for full details.

The Gist:- Spoof arts magazine from the creator of People Like Us. Starring Emma Fielding as Harriet Gould and Robert Webb as Paul Ashdown – the hosts of the show.
Director:- John Morton, Producer: Paul Schlesinger.

Concert:- Senegal’s Baaba Maal and his Dande Lenol band

UK | BBC Two | 7:00pm – midnight | 2 March 2002


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