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Beck (BBC One Drama, Amanda Redman, Caroline Loncq)



Beck 1996 BBC Amanda Redman

Drama series Beck focused on the cases of a woman played by Amanda Redman who runs the Locate missing persons agency in Kings Cross London. King’s Cross was an area of London that all too often acted as a runaways first port of call in the city.

Beck herself was a thoroughly modern character, she made no bones about the fact that she was happy to have more two men in her life and to sleep with them both. She was also not against using her femininity to manipulate males into giving her information. Therese (Caroline Loncq) was Beck’s right hand at the agency. Other regulars included David Hunt as Mick and William Ash as Ralph.

A few prominent guest stars appeared including the likes of Anthony Calf, Olivia Williams and Jason Flemyng. Camilla Power who had made her name in Emmerdale also appeared in the final three episodes as Charity.

Redman had previously worked with writer Paul Hines and producer Jacky Stoller on the 1993 series Body and Soul and the trio were determined to work together again.

In a bit of trivia actor James Hazledine, who was trying to make inroads into a career behind the camera at this stage, directed the final two episodes of the season.

The series was made for BBC One by Tempest Films and the six hour long episodes aired between 2 October and 1 November 1996.