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Berrenger’s (NBC 1985, Sam Wanamaker, Ben Murphy)




Drama series about life in a New York department store owned and run by Simon Berrenger and his two sons, Paul and Billy. Very soapie in style and full of intrigue, sex and double dealing.

Sam Wanamaker as Simon Berrenger
Ben Murphy as Paul Berrenger
Robin Strand as Billy Berrenger
Jack Scalia as Danny Krucek
Jonelle Allen as Stacey Russell
Laura Ashton as Laurel Hayes
Claudia Christian as Melody Hughes
Jeff Conaway as John Higgins
Art Hindle as Todd Hughes
Yvette Mimieux as Shane Bradley
Leslie Hope as Cammie Springer
Anita Morris as Babs Berrenger
Andrea Marcovicci as Gloria Berrenger
Eddie Velez as Julio Morales
Steve Kahan as Nick Morrison
Connie Ramirez as Connie Morales
Michael David Lally as Mr. Allen
Alan Feinstein as Max Kaufman
Richard Sanders as Frank Chapman
Donna Dixon as Allison Harris
Alma Beltran as Mami Morales
Jeannie Linero as Ana Morales

production details
Country: USA
Network: NBC
Duration: x50 minute episodes
Aired From: 1985