Best Of Friends (ITV Sitcom, Hylda Baker, Charles Hawtrey)



In sitcom Best of Friends mild mannered clerk Charles (Charles Hawtrey) strikes up a friendship with cafe owner Hylda (Hylda Baker).

One of the writers, Bob Block, would go to score several children’s TV hits in the 1970’s most notably with Pardon My Genie, Roberts Roberts and Rentaghost.

Cast: Charles Hawtrey as Charles; Hylda Baker as Hylda; Sheena Marshe as Sheena; Henry Longhurst as Uncle Sidney

Writers: Brad Ashton, Bob Block, Gerry Maxin / Producer: Ernest Maxin

UK / ITV – ABC / 13x30m-e / 28 April – 28 July 1963 Sundays 5.10pm

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