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Big Boy Now! (ITV Sitcom, Leslie Crowther, Fabia Drake)



In sitcom Big Boy Now! middle aged and unmarried Tony Marchant (Leslie Crowther – Ronnie Corbett mustn’t have been available), is completely tied still to his mother Heathers (Fabia Drake) apron strings even though he’d like to break away like his older brother Roy (Ronald Lewis).

Although it is the kind of sitcom scenario that Ronnie Corbett would excel in, Big Boy Now! was written specifically for Crowther by Ronnie Taylor who had contributed scripts to Crowther’s previous sitcom My Good Woman.

Cast: Leslie Crowther as Tony Merchant; Fabia Drake as Heather Merchant; Ronald Lewis as Roy Merchant; Derek Farr as Capt Edgar Bingham

Writer: Ronnie Taylor / Producer and Director: Les Chatfield

UK / ITV – ATV / 14×30 minute episodes / 1976-77