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Billion Pound Base, The: Dismantling Camp Bastion (Channel 4 2014)



Billion Pound Base Camp Bastion

Camp Bastion: a fortress built to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. For eight years it’s been the powerhouse of UK and US military operations. Now Britain’s biggest overseas base since World War II is closing down for good.

Channel 4 was given exclusive access to the men and women whose job it was to pack up this giant jigsaw puzzle, ending one of the longest wars in British history. A town the size of Reading, with a massive infrastructure – airport, hospital, fast food restaurants – is being dismantled bolt by bolt and sent back to the UK. What is left will be handed over to the Afghans.

But with defences and manpower depleting daily, in the face of a constant threat from the Taliban, it’s a dangerous race against time to close this city in the sand.

production details
UK / Channel 4 – Roast Beef / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 7 December 2014 @ 8.00pm

Executive Producer: Mike Lerner / Producer: Leslie Knott / Director: Richard Parry