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Black Brigand, The (BBC 1956, William Devlin, Anthony Newlands)



Ruritania style period drama serial about Don Fernando who seeks justice and helps people in need, much like Robin Hood, and does battle against the evil King Carl. Don Fernando is determined to see Carl removed from power and see the true Queen Esmerelda take her place at the head of the country.

production details
UK / BBC / 8×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 10 June – 29 July 1956 black and white

Writer: J. Potter Brown; based on a story by Alexandre Dumas
Music by James Hartley
Production Design: Richard Wilmot
Producer: Dorothea Brooking
Studio sequences directed by Dorothea Brooking
Film sequences directed by David Prosser

William Devlin as Karl the White King
Laidman Browne as Don Rogano
Anthony Newlands as Fernando
Catherine Feller as Janella
John Woodnutt as Slago
Seymour Green as Officer
Rosemary Dorken as Donna Flora
Gerald Blake as Jaco
Jefferson Clifford as Cardinal