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Black Tie Affair (NBC 1993, Bradley Whitford, Maggie Hahn)



Black Tie Affair

In sitcom Black Tie Affair San Francisco Private Eye Dave Brodsky only takes on cases so that he can keep his ailing second hand record store open. Cancelled after four episodes.

Bradley Whitford as Dave Brodsky
Maggie Hahn as Cookie
Kate Capshaw as Margo Cody
John Calvin as Christopher Cody
Allison Elliot as Eve Saskatchewan

crew details
Creator: Jay Tarses
Writers: Jay Tarses, Richard Dresser
Producer: Richard Dresser
Supervising Producer: Elaine Arata
Executive Producer: Jay Tarses

production details
Country: USA
Network and Production Companies: NBC
Duration: 13×25 minute episodes
Aired From: 1993