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Blackeyes (BBC1 1989, Gina Bellman, Michael Gough)



Drama serial. Fantasy and reality mingle when a lecherous old man writes a novel about an ex-model. Many critics saw this as the nadir of Dennis Potter’s TV work. It was certainly very self indulgent.

Michael Gough as Maurice James Kingsley
Carol Royle as Jessica
Nigel Planer as Jeff
Gina Bellman as Blackeyes
Colin Jeavons as Jamieson
Hannah Morris as Little Jessica
John Shrapnel as Detective Blake
David Westhead as Mark Wilsher
Nicky Bee as Stilt Man
Gary Love as Colin
Peter Guinness as Photographer

Writer and Director: Dennis Potter
Music: Max Harris
Producer: Rick McCallum

UK / BBC1 / 4×55 minutes / Broadcast 29 November – 20 December 1989