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Bless This House (ITV 1971-1976, Sid James, Diana Coupland)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Sid James was born looking middle aged, no matter from period of his career you see he always looks exactly the same. Bless This House though is the sitcom that carried him through most of the seventies (James died of a heart attack whilst on stage in 1976), this generation gap comedy is pretty basic in terms of situation, following the misadventures of middle aged Sid Abbott and his wife Jean trying to cope with their two teenage kids in the newly liberated 1970s certainly nothing out of the ordinary its the performances that make Bless This House such a treat, all four members of the Abbott household very comfortable with each other the perpetually disgruntled Sid, stoic Jean, hippy Mike and the always happy Sally.

Sid is a rep for a stationary firm and in alphabetical order his three favourite things in life are Ale, Birds and Chelsea. Wife Jean is the real brains of the family always getting one up on Sid whenever there is a battle of the sexes to be fought. Son Mike is an archetypal college art student or a long haired layabout as Sid likes to think of him. Daughter Sally is still at school, her final year, when the series starts and despite the fact that Sid thinks she is still his little girl, she is growing up fast.

Trevor and Betty were their friendly next door neighbours.

Carla Lane was amongst the writers on the show and a popular feature film version was released in 1972. This saw Robin Askwith play the role of son Mike.

Bless This House Robin Stewart and Sally Geeson.

Bless This House kids Mike and Sally.

production details
ITV – Thames / 65×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 2 February 1971 – 22 April 1976

Creators: Vince Powell, Harry Driver / Producer and Director: William G. Stewart

SID JAMES as Sid Abbott
ROBIN STEWART as Mike Abbott
SALLY GEESON as Sally Abbott