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Blott On The Landscape (BBC Comedy, George Cole, David Suchet)



In very popular BBC comedy drama serial Blott on the Landscape, based on the novel by Tom Sharpe, Sir Giles Lynchwood MP (George Cole) plans to authorise a new bypass to be built right through the heart of his hated wife Lady Maud’s (Geraldine James) ancestral home. His gardener Blott (David Suchet) launches a plan to stop him.

Cast: GEORGE COLE as Sir Giles Lynchwood MP; GERALDINE JAMES as Lady Maud Lynchwood; DAVID SUCHET as Blott; JULIA McKENZIE as Mrs Forthby; SIMON CADELL as Dundridge; GEOFFREY BAYLDON as Ganglion; PAUL BROOKE as Hoskins; JEREMY CLYDE as Denster; JIMMY NAIL; SARAH PORTER as Bessie Williams; C.P. (aka Claire) GROGAN

Writer: Malcolm Bradbury / Novel: Tom Sharpe / Producer: Evgeny Gridneff / Director: Roger Bamford

UK / BBC Two / 6×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 6 February – 13 March 1985 Wednesdays at 9.00pm