Bon Voyage (ITV 2006, Fay Ripley, Ben Miles)

During this two-part thriller, Neil and Elizabeth take their children David and Rachel on a camping holiday in rural France.

Oddly, they find themselves continuingly bumping into over friendly couple Simon and Linda who claim to be camping with their own children.

Elizabeth finds the couple creepy, a fear which is compounded when they begin to spot Simon and Linda’s camper van in their rear view mirror. Are the couple following them or is it mere coincidence?

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Later, when a young boy goes missing, Elizabeth and Neil begin to suspect the oddball couple are more dangerous than creepy.

To their horror, the same boy runs screaming from the woods into the path of their car. As they look for help, stranded in the isolated forest of the Pyrenees, they see the camper van appearing out of the darkness.

When Neil and Elizabeth go to investigate, Simon and Linda have gone. And when they return to their own car, so have David and Rachel.

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production details
UK | ITV – Box TV| | 60 minutes | 2006

Writer: Oliver Brown
Producer: Jake Lushington
Executive Producer: Gub Neal
Director: John Fawcett

Fay Ripley as Linda Holder
Daniel Ryan as Simon Holder
Rachael Blake as Elizabeth Aldred
Ben Miles as Neil Aldred
Éric Bruneau as Nicholas

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