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Bonjour La Classe (BBC Sitcom, Nigel Planer, Nicholas Woodeson)



Bonjour La Classe BBC Sitcom Nigel Planer

Sitcom Bonjour La Classe detailed the problems of French teacher Laurence Didcott (Nigel Planer) at a secondary school. The schoolroom (and the staffroom) has always provided fuel for TV comedy from the days of Whack-O! and Please Sir! through to this and the later Chalk. Here Didcott was typically naive and also had a habit of saying exactly what he thought.

Bonjour La Classe, which lasted for just one season, was written by Paul Smith and Terry Kyan who had been behind the fabulous Mel Smith sitcom Colin’s Sandwich.

Cast: Nigel Planer as Laurence Didcott; Nicholas Woodeson as Leslie Piper; Polly Adams as Jean Halifax; Timothy Bateson as Mr Wigley; Victoria Carling as Harriet Humphrey; Robert Gillespie as Gilbert Herring; David Troughton as Eric Sweety; Bryan Dick as Adam Huntley; Rebecca Callard as Lucy Cornwall; Daniel Newman as Hugo Botney; Simeon Pearl as Anthony Zalacosta

Writers: Paul Smith, Terry Kyan / Producer: Jamie Rix / Director: John Henderson

UK / BBC One / 6×30 minute episodes / 15 February – 22 March 1993 Mondays at 8.30pm