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Boomerang (BET 2019, Brittany Inge, Joey BadA$$)



BET and Paramount Television have partnered to reboot the 1992 American romantic comedy film BOOMERANG, in which a successful executive finds that his lifestyle choices have turned back on him when his new boss turns out to be a bigger deviant than he is. This updated version explores contemporary workplace dynamics, including the changing role of gender, office politics, relationships, and the conflicts between Generation X and Millennials.

production details
USA | BET – Hillman Grad Productions – Paramount Television | x30 minutes | Broadcast from Tuesday 12 February 2019

Creators and Executive Producers: Ben Cory Jones, Lena Waithe
Executive Producers: Halle Berry, Rishi Rajani as EP

Brittany Inge as Crystal Garrett
Joey BadA$$ as Camden Knight
Kimberly Hall as Rocky
Lala Milan as Tia
Leland B. Martin as Ari
Paula Newsome as Victoria Johnson
R.J. Walker as David Wright
Tequan Richmond as Bryson
Tetona Jackson as Simone