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Boon (ITV 1986-1992, Michael Elphick, David Daker)



Boon Cast

Boon was a generally entertaining and long running vehicle for Michael Elphick. He played ex-fireman Ken Boon, forced to leave the service after damaging his lungs on duty. Trying to make ends meet he initially sets himself up as a jack of all trades before, in the second season, starting his own courier service called The Texas Rangers (Boon rode a 650cc BSA Norton motorbike he called White Lightning). By this stage he had managed to employ the somewhat stupid Rocky Cassidy and had a secretary in the shape of Debbie Yates.

A regular part of the series was Ken’s best friend Harry Crawford, himself a former fireman turned businessman. Throughout the series Harry becomes more and more successful but eventually goes bust. By this stage Ken and Rocky were working as private detectives but were persuaded by Harry to start a new venture called Crawford-Boon Security.

The show ended in 1992 but a previously unseen episode from the final season was transmitted 1 May 1995.

The excellent theme song Hi Ho Silver, sung by Jim Diamond, reached number five on the charts in 1986.

Michael Elphick as Ken Boon
David Daker as Harry Crawford
Neil Morrissey as Rocky Cassidy
Elizabeth Carling as Laura Marsh
Lesley Ann Sharpe as Debbie Yates
Saskia Wickham as Alex Wilton

crew details
Creators: Jim Hill, Bill Stair
Theme Music: Jim Diamond
Executive Producers: Ted Childs, Bill Smethurst

production details
Country: UK
Network: ITV – Central
Duration: 93×50 minute episodes
Aired From: 14 January 1986 – 1 December 1992