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Booze Cruise III: The Scattering (ITV1 25 Dec 2006, Neil Pearson, Ian Richardson)



Booze Cruise The Scattering

In The Scattering The Booze Cruise gang return for the third and final instalment of the feature-length comedy dramas.

Rob (Neil Pearson) has left Leone (Amanda Abbington) and has moved in with Jackie (Suzy Cooper), so he does not attend Elsie’s funeral with the others. Grace (Anne Reid) wants to scatter her mother’s ashes on her beloved Yorkshire moors where she was so happy. Leone and Cath (Karen Henthorn) persuade Dave (Mark Benton) that they should accompany the couple and help them celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary. Rob also invites himself along, but to his embarrassment so does Jackie.

Dave agrees to deliver a family birthday present in Leeds on behalf of Marcus (Ian Richardson). But when Dave crashes the van on a country road, the women hitch a lift with a charming Canadian called Ben (Nigel Whitmey). Upon reaching their hotel, Grace attempts to match-make him and Leone – leaving Rob most put out. The men arrive by hire car, but Maurice (Brian Murphy) just wants to claim his inheritance, and ends up accidentally smoking cannabis thanks to Rob. Then it appears he has lost most of the ashes and has replaced them with gravel.

production details
UK / ITV-1 – Granada – Yorkshire – Water Lane / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast 21 May 2006

Writers: Paul Minett and Brian Leveson / Music: Jim Parker / Production Design: Sue Booth / Executive Producers: Tim Hancock, David Reynolds / Producer: Roy Gould / Director: Paul Seed

Neil Pearson as Rob
Mark Benton as Dave
Brian Murphy as Maurice
Anne Reid as Grace
Ian Richardson as Marcus
Karen Henthorn as Cath
Amanda Abbington as Leone
Suzy Cooper as Jackie
Nigel Whitmey as Ben
Peter Lorenzelli as Vernon
Dave Norman as Chugger Milburn
Ryan Simons as Roland
Jonathan Wright as Warren Gaynor
Marianne McNamara as Barmaid
David Woodcock as Vicar