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Brat Farrar (BBC-1 1986, Mark Greenstreet, Francis Matthews)



Brat Farrar

Returning to the UK after 8 years in America Brat Farrar turns out to be almost the exact double of a man who went missing as a teenager and just happens to be the heir to a large and wealthy estate. He is persuaded by has been actor Alec Loding to impersonate the missing Patrick Ashby and claim the estate (giving Alec a fair chunk of it in the process) but Brat soon finds that he likes the Ashby family more than he bargained for and that Patrick’s ever so slightly younger twin brother Simon may have had more to do with Patrick’s disappearance than most people realise.

Another terrific Josephine Tey tale, she really was an expert at these well maybe they are telling the truth after all type plots. The original novel was written in the 1950′s but the setting is updated here (not that it makes any difference), Greenstreet does well in the dual lead roles of Brat and Simon and the split screen work is actually really good. Great to see the lovely Francis Matthews cast somewhat against type here as the rascally actor who gets Brat involved in the first place.

production details
UK | BBC One | 6×30 minute episodes | Broadcast 16 February – 23 March 1986

Writer: James Andrew Hall | Novel: Josephine Tey | Music: Dave Greenslade | Producer: Terrance Dicks | Director: Leonard Lewis

Mark Greenstreet as Brat Farrar and Simon Ashby
Dominique Barnes as Eleanor Ashby
Francis Matthews as Alec Loding
Angela Browne as Beatrice Ashby
Frederick Treves as George Ledingham
Philip Stone as Uncle Charles
Jeremy Young as Mr Gregg
Philip Doulton as Dr Roger Spence
Nicholas Goldwyn as Race Commentator
Denise Margetts as Lana
Victoria Bradley as Jane Ashby
Rebecca Bradley as Ruth Ashby