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Bravo Two Zero (BBC Drama, Sean Bean)



Bravo Two Zero BBC Drama, Sean Bean

In tense wartime drama Bravo Two Zero, it is 1991 at the height of the Gulf War and an SAS patrol, led by Andy (Sean Bean) go deep into Iraqi territory and are soon caught up in a fight for their lives.

Their mission is to take out Saddam Hussein’s SCUD missile systems. But when communications are cut and the team finds themselves surrounded by Saddam’s army, their only hope is to risk capture and torture in a desperate 185-kilometer run to the Syrian border.

Based on Andy McNab’s best selling book and true story. McNab also co-scripted with Troy Kennedy Martin.

Cast: Sean Bean as Andy McNab; Steve Nicolson [as Steve Nicholson] as Dinger; Julia Booth as Sally; Robert Hobbs as Stan; Alison Coles as Jilly; Rick Warden as Tony; Ian Curtis as Baz; Richard Graham as Mark; Kevin Collins as Chris; Jamie Bartlett as Ray; Graham Hopkins as Graham; Barry Berk as Cyril; Ron Senior Jr as Pete

Writers: Andy McNab, Troy Kennedy Martin / Book: Andy McNab / Producers: Ruth Caleb, Anant Singh / Executive Producer: David M. Thompson / Director: Tom Clegg

UK / BBC One – BBC Films – A Distant Horizon / 2×60 minutes / 3-4 January 1999