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Bremner, Bird And Fortune (Channel 4 Comedy, Rory Bremner)



Bremner, Bird And Fortune was a long running mixture of satire, sketches and impressionism fronted by Rory Bremner, John Bird and John Fortune. A regular part of each show was Rory as a high profile political character being put through a PR treadmill by the two Johns.

There was also a docusoap pastiche looking at the lives of politicians called College Green. There was a special titled Bremner, Bird, Fortune, Delia and Des…There. Guests on this show were cook Delia Smith and soccer coverage anchorman Des Lynam.

Producers: Mark Robson (season), Geoff Atkinson (special) / Directors: Steve Connolly, Geraldine Dowd / Titles: Blazko

UK / Channel 4 – Vera / 12×60 minute episodes 1×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 October 1999 – 28 June 2009