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Brotherly Love (BBC Sitcom, Gregor Fisher, James Fleet)



In sitcom Brotherly Love Frank Robertson returns to his Scottish village home of Invercorrie to run the pub bequeathed him by his uncle. His brother Hector is the local GP and both he and Frank are rather keen on fellow villager, artist Kate Cameron.

There was also a pilot of the same name that led to this series. In the pilot Tom Mannon played Frank Robertson.

Cast: GREGOR FISHER as Hector Robertson / JAMES FLEET as Frank Robertson / CAROLINE LANGRISHE as Kate Cameron / TOM WATSON as Billy Bolster / JUNE WATSON as Mrs Grogan / RALPH RIACH as Rev McDonald / JODY MacMILLAN as Angie McPhee / CARMEN PIERACCINI as Alison MacKay / ROSS MacKAY as Hughie

Writer: Bernard McKenna / Creators: Bernard McKenna, Tony Humphries / Costume: Lyn Avery / Music: Debbie Wiseman / Design: Tom Sawyer / Executive Producer: Mike Bolland / Producer: Ian Burgoyne / Director: Ron Bain.

UK / BBC One – BBC Scotland / 6×30 minute episodes / Pilot: 8 October 1999 and Series: 6 October – 5 November 2000