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Bull (TNT 2000, Elisabeth Röhm, George Newbern)



In a daring move that rocks Wall Street, six ambitious investment bankers and traders break away from an established financial firm and risk everything to start their own company. Led by Robert Roberts III – aka Ditto – the brilliant but eccentric grandson of the founder of their former company, each member of the group must face personal and professional challenges that will impact every aspect of their lives.

Starring George Newbern , Malik Yoba, Stanley Tucci, Donald Moffat, Alicia Coppola, Elisabeth Rohm, Christopher Wiehl and Ian Kahn, BULL gives a behind-the-scenes look at the fast and furious drama that unfolds every day on Wall Street, where the new breed of investment banker is deciding how to play in The New Economy. This was TNT’s first original drama series, but didn’t make it to a full season.

Bull is a short-lived American drama series created by Michael S. Chernuchin, who had worked on Law and Order and Brooklyn South in 2000. It was TNT’s first original series, and was cancelled in the middle of Season 1. The show’s name is in reference to the bull market, but the airing of the series coincided with the dot-com bubble crash that turned what had until then been a bull economy in the United States into a bear market.

production details
USA | TNT – Warner Bros Television | 22×50 minutes (only eleven aired)| Broadcast 15 August – 24 October 2000

Creator and Executive Producer: Michael Chernuchin

Elisabeth Röhm as Alison Jeffers
George Newbern as Ditto Roberts III
Alicia Coppola as Marissa Rufo
Ian Kahn as Marty Decker
Stanley Tucci as Hunter Lasky
Malik Yoba as Corey Granville
Christopher Wiehl as Carson Boyd
Donald Moffat as Robert ‘The Kaiser’ Roberts
Nina Foch
Wendy Benson-Landes