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Buying It Blind (Bravo 2018, Anna Kilinski, Jen Metzger)



Taking viewers on a home buying and renovation journey like never before, Buying it Blind features couples at a purchasing breaking point.

With their life savings on the line and neither side willing to compromise or commit to major decisions, these couples are willing to surrender total financial and creative control to a team of experts.

Atlanta Real Estate Agent Anna Kilinski, visionary Contractor Jen Metzger and Designer to the stars Michel Smith Boyd step in to help these couples who are completely defeated by the home-buying process. After discussing their wants and needs, the experts set out to legally buy a home without the couple ever seeing it.

Following the first shocking reveal, the experts execute a series of renovations to transform the property into the anxious couple’s dream vision. The pressure is on as the experts create and implement custom design elements with the hopes of satisfying the new homeowners list of must-haves. With a deed in hand, will the high stakes process end in a dream house, or a house of horrors?

production details
USA | Bravo – Kinetic Content | x50 minutes | Broadcast from Friday 2 November 2018

Chris Coelen as Executive Producer
Eric Detwiler as Executive Producer
Jennifer Faison Herron as Executive Producer
Katie Griffin as Executive Producer
Robert Zimmerman as Executive Producer
Shea Spencer as Co-Executive Producer

Anna Kilinski as Real Estate Agent
Jen Metzger as Contractor
Michel Smith Boyd as Designer