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Caesar And Cleopatra (ITV Drama, Alec Guinness, Genevieve Bujold)



Caesar and Cleopatra was an adaptation of George Bernard’s classic play which explores his favourite theme of liberated womanhood.

An ageing and cynical Caesar has brought a small army to Egypt, a country split by civil war between Cleopatra and her younger brother Ptolemy. Caesar encourages Cleopatra and teaches her the art of statesmanship, and she gradually grows from a frightened girl to a diligent and admiring pupil and finally to a Queen in her own right. But Cleopatra also learns the ruthlessness of power too well…

A short piece in the Christmas TV Times of 24 Dec 1976 mentioned the fact that many of the costumes were supplied by the same Italian company that supplied the costumes for the 1946 film version that starred Vivien Leigh.

Despite the fact that it was a big production, Caesar and Cleopatra received very little press attention.

Cast: Alec Guinness (Caesar), Genevieve Bujold (Cleopatra), Margaret Courtenay (Ftatateeta), Jolyon Bates (Ptolemy Dionysus), Noel Willman (Pothinus), David Steuart (Theodotus), Gareth Thomas (Achillas), Iain Cuthbertson (Rufio), Michael Bryant (Britannus), Clive Francis (Apollodorus), Roy Stewart (Nubian Slave), Matthew Long (Wounded Soldier), Michael Poole (Centurion), Neville Phillips (Major-Domo), Ludmila Nova (Charmian), Kristin Hatfeild (Iras)

Writer: Audrey Maas / Play: George Bernard Shaw / Music: Michael Lewis / Production Design: Eileen Diss / Executive Producer: Lewis Rudd / Producers: David Susskind and Duane Bogie / Director: James Cellan Jones.

UK / ITV – Southern – Norton Simon Clarion – Talent Associates / 1×75 minutes / Broadcast Tuesday 4 January 1977