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Cain’s Hundred (NBC Crime Drama, Peter Mark Richman)



Crime drama series. Ex-mob legal advisor Nick Cain (Peter Mark Richman) is recruited into a law enforcement agency.

Cain’s Hundred was a dramatic series from MGM Television that ran for one season on NBC. In this Untouchables meets Dragnet drama, Mark Richman plays Nicholas Cain, a former attorney for the mob, who leaves that dirty business behind him. When a mob boss orders a hit on Cain, only to kill Nick’s fiancée instead, Cain decides it’s time to fight back, and works with law enforcement and the court system to expose and prosecute his list of the 100 most elusive mobsters.

Cast: Peter Mark Richman as Nick Cain

Producer: Paul Monash

USA / NBC – MGM / 30×60 minute episodes / Broadcast 19 September 1961 – 15 May 1962