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Carrie’s War (BBC-1 2004, Keeley Fawcett, Jack Stanley)



During World War II young Londoner Carrie Willow and her brother Nick are evacuated to a small Welsh town where they are taken under the wing of Lou Evans and her stern shopkeeper brother; Carrie and Nick are soon involved with Mr Evans and Auntie Lous other sister Mrs Gotobed and her housekeeper Hepzibah Green.

Carrie’s War has the classic feel of Sunday Night drama, beautiful sets, wonderful scenery and a fine cast (young Keeley Forsyth as Carrie is definitely a talent to watch). Not only that, the story of Carries War, based on the novel by Nina Bawden, is extremely watchable.

The very fine cast includes the always excellent Alun Armstrong as Mr Evans. Pauline Quirkes matronly Hepzibah, Geraldine McEwan as Mrs Gotobed and Lesley Sharp as Auntie Lou. Carries War was also produced as BBC serial in 1974.

production details
UK | BBC One | 1×90 minutes | Broadcast 1 January 2004

Novel: Nina Bawden / Adaption: Michael Crompton / Producer: Bill Boyes / Director: Coky Geidroyc

Cast: Alun Armstrong (Mr. Samuel Evans), Lesley Sharp (Louisa Evans, aka ‘Aunty Lou’), Geraldine McEwan (Mrs. Dilys Gotobed), Keeley Fawcett (Carrie Willow), Jack Stanley (Nick Willow), Karen Meagher (Mrs. Watkins), Eddie Cooper (Albert Sandwich), David Prince (Billetting officer), Robert Page (Minister), Jamie Beddard (Mister Johnny), Hermione Gulliford (Nick’s teacher), Marlene Griffiths (Mrs. Jenkins), Nigel Whitmey (Maj. Cass Harper), Daniel Roberts (Frederick Evans), Pauline Quirke (Hepzibah Green) Annabelle Apsion (adult Carrie)