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Carry on Christmas (ITV 24 Dec 1973, Sid James, Barbara Windsor)



Sid James as Father Christmas recounts times of the festive season through the ages, from life in stone age times. A country house party in the 18th Century. Christmas in the trenches during world war one. Next up is a Robin Hood send up with Sid as Robin.

Probably the weakest of the four Carry On Christmas’s although the cast, especially Sid James who is clearly mesmerised by Barbara Windsor’s cleavage, are having a great time. And seeing the troupe as tutu clad ballet dancers is quite a surreal moment.

production details
UK | ITV Network – Thames | 1×50 minutes | Broadcast Monday 24 December 1973 @ 9.00pm

Choreographer: Terry Gilbert
Music Associate: Norman Stevens
Production Design: Allan Cameron
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Ronald Fouracre

Sid James as Santa (Mr Belcher) / Seed Pod / Sir Henry / Sgt Ball / Robin Hood.
Joan Sims as Virginia’s Mother / Senna Pod / Bishop’s Wife / Adelle / 6th Ballerina / Salvation Army Collector / Maid Marion / Traffic Warden.
Barbara Windsor as Virginia / Crompet / Fanny / Fifi / 1st Ballerina / Lady Frances.
Kenneth Connor as Mr. Sibley / Anthro Pod / Bishop / Pvt Parkin / 2nd Ballerina / Will Scarlet.
Peter Butterworth as 1st Singing Caveman / Guest / 2nd Dart player / 1st German / 3rd Ballerina / Friar Tuck.
Bernard Bresslaw as Bodkin Pod / Boll / 1st Dart Player / Capt Ffing-Burke / 5th Ballerina / Little John / Policeman.
Jack Douglas as 2nd Singing Caveman / Crapper / 2nd German / 4th Ballerina / Alan A’Dale.
Julian Holloway as Angle Leader / Captain Rhodes.
Laraine Humphrys as Bed Customer