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Charles Endell Esquire (ITV Comedy Drama, Iain Cuthbertson, Annie Ross)



Charles Endell Esq

Comedy crime drama series Charles Endell Esquire was a sequel to Budgie. After seven years in jail Charlie Endell (Iain Cuthbertson) heads home to Scotland but finds things have changed.

The six part was caught up in the middle of the infamous ITV strike of 1979 when all shows went off air for many weeks. At the time only two episodes of the series had been shown, the rest not airing for another three months, by that time it was too late for the show to find an audience.

In some ITV regions the series wasn’t given a full run until the following year, for example ATV in the Midlands aired the show from 10 May – 14 June 1980.

Cast: Iain Cuthbertson as Charlie Endell; Annie Ross as Dixie; Rikki Fulton as Alastair Vint; Tony Osoba as Hamish MacIntyre Jr; Phil McCall as D.S. Dixon; Julie Ann Fullarton as Janet

Creator: Robert Banks Stewart (from a character created by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall) / Theme Music: Marc Ellington / Executive Producer: Bryan Izzard / Producer: Rex Firkin

UK / ITV – Scottish TV / 6×50 minutes / 1979