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Children of the Bible (ITV Anthology, Nigel Rathbone)



Children of the Bible (ITV Anthology, Nigel Rathbone)

Children of the Bible was a 1976 six part early Sunday evening anthology series that looked at key bible stories involving children.

It wasn’t a straight forward drama type of show though, for example each episode featured creator and producer Jean Morton interviewed Lisa Moss and the other characters in the drama as if they were taking part in an outside broadcast. Children from different churches then chatted to Kieron Wood about what they had just seen. Meanwhile there was also a song from the likes of Friday Brown, Andrew Betts, Nigel Pegram and Lou Hayles.

Clifford Davis in The Daily Mirror of Saturday 10 January 1976 previewed the series: ANTHONY WATERS plays the King of Israel in a new biblical series CHILDREN OF THE BIBLE (ITV. 6.15 p.m.). He tells me: “The idea is to turn back the clock and to, tell Bible stories in which children are involved. ” Friday Brown sings a song she has written about each story, and there is a studio discussion with children.”

The episodes only lasted 18 minutes and each one was hosted by Kieron Wood.

The episodes were
1. The Story of the Little Girl Who Helped Captain Naaman (11 Jan 1976)
2. Jairus’s Daughter (18 Jan 1976)
3. Josiah, The Boy King (25 Jan 1976)
4. Samuel (1 Feb 1976)
5. Joseph (8 Feb 1976)
6. Jesus: The Finding in the Temple (15 Feb 1976)

Creator, Writer and Producer: by Jean Morton / Production Design: Don Davidson / Religious Advisor: Rev. David MacInnes / Director: Nigel Warrack