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Christmas Night With The Stars (BBC 1958-1994)



An annual UK / BBC Christmas Day spectacular showing short 5 or 10 minute segments from many popular BBC shows of the time all new materual specially filmed.

1958: Charlie Chester, Tony Hancock, Charlie Drake In…, The Ted Ray Show, Whack-O!
1959: The Jimmy Logan Show, Charlie Drake In…, Whack-O!
1960: Citizen James, Harry Worth, On the Bright Side, Jimmy Edwards
1962: The Rag Trade, Raise Your Glasses, It’s A Square World, Faces of Jim, Steptoe and Son,
1963: Hugh and I, It’s A Square World, Marriage Lines, The Stanley Baxter Show, The Dick Emery Show,
1964: Hugh and I, The Likely Lads, Marriage Lines, Meet the Wife, The Dick Emery Show, The Benny Hill Show,
1967: Till Death Us Do Part, Beggar My Neighbour, The Illustrated Weekly Hudd, Harry Worth, Steptoe and Son, Kenneth Williams, Beryl Reid,
1968: Not in Front of the Children, Dad’s Army, Oh Brother & All Gas and Gaiters (Combined), It’s Marty, Harry Worth(1967 repeat), Morecombe and Wise hosted.
1969: The Dick Emery Show, It’s Marty, Not In Front Of the Children, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Dad’s Army(these segments were not original but were clips from the actual shows).
1970: Dad’s Army, Bachelor Father, Scott On…, The Stanley Baxter Show; The Dick Emery Show,
1971: The Two Ronnies, Till Death Us Do Part, Bachelor Father, Look – Mike Yarwood, A Policeman’s Lot, The Dick Emery Show,
1972: Dad’s Army, Look-Mike Yarwood, The Goodies, The Liver Birds, The Two Ronnies,
1994: Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie, Felix Dexter, Ronnie Corbett, The Fast Show, Knowing Me Knowing You …with Alan Partridge, Rab C. Nesbitt, The Real McCoy, The All New Alexei Sayle Show, The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer,

production details
UK / BBC / 1958-1972 and 1994