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City Beneath the Sea (ABC 1962, Gerald Flood, Aubrey Morris)



City Beneath The Sea ITV Scifi Stewart Guidotti, Gerald Flood

In City Beneath The Sea, a sequel to the previous years Plateau of Fear, journalists Mark Bannerman (Gerald Flood) and Peter Blake (Stewart Guidotti) are once again mixed up in the machinations of a bad guy intent on world domination.

When the series begins the pair are on board the atomic sub Cyana observing a trial of a new underwater transmitter. Things get out of hand when the sub they are on is captured by another sub and transported to the base of Professor Ludwig Ziebrecken (Aubrey Morris) who thinks the sub will help him in his quest to take over the world.

There was a strong Doctor Who connection on the series, the script was by John Lucarotti who would contribute scripts to that show and in the supporting cast was Barry Letts, who would later go to be a prominent BBC producer and ran Doctor Who during the Pertwee era.

There would be one more serial featuring Bannerman and Blake, This was Secret Beneath The Sea.

Cast: Gerald Flood as Mark Bannerman; Denis Goacher as Kurt Swendler; Stewart Guidotti as Peter Blake; Peter Williams as Captain Payne; Morris Perry as Radio Operator; Caroline Blakiston as Doctor Ann Boyd; Haydn Jones as Professor Westfield; Barry Letts as Commander Lennard; John Trenaman as Helmsman; Richard Clarke as Commander Bell

Writer: John Lucarotti / Programme Advisor: Mary Field / Special Effects: Derek Freeborn / Production Design: James Goddard / Producer: Guy Verney / Director: Kim Mills

UK / ITV – ABC / 7×25 minute episodes / 17 November – 29 December 1962