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City Central (BBC Crime, Ray Stevenson, Ashley Jensen)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Crime drama series City Central detailed the stories of a group of coppers on the beat in a northern urban area. The station they worked out of was called Christmas Street.

Cast: Ian Aspinall (Police Constable Colin Jitlada), Stephen Lord (Police Constable Steve Jackson), Ray Stevenson (Detective Inspector Tony Baynham), Ian Burfield (Detective Sergeant Ray Pickering), Paul Nicholls (Police Constable Terry Sydenham), Lorraine Ashbourne (Sergeant Yvonne Mackey – Series 1 – 15.4.00), Dave Hill (Police Constable Pete Redfern), Ashley Jensen (Police Constable Sue Chappell), Sarah Kirkman (Police Constable Mary Sutcliffe), Kate Gartside (Detective Sergeant Jane McCormack), Terence Harvey (Chief Inspector Barnard), Andrew Readman (Inspector Mike Willis), Michael Begley (Police Constable Richard Law), Sean McKenzie (Police Constable Nick Green), John Brobbey (Detective Constable Danny Abbott), Philip Martin Brown (Sergeant Paul Dobson)

Creator: Tony Jordan / Titles: The House Design / Music: Barry Adamson / Police Advisor: Ted Ryan / Script Editor: Lucy Hackney / Executive Producer: Mal Young

UK / BBC One / 32×50 minute episodes / Broadcast 4 April 1998 – 19 June 2000