City and the City, The (BBC-2 2017, David Morrissey, Mandeep Dhillon)

In The City in the City, the body of a foreign student is discovered in the streets of the down at heel city of Besźel. Cases like this are run of the mill for Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad – until his investigations uncover evidence that the dead girl had come from another city called Ul Qoma. But the relationship between the two cities defies comprehension and will challenge everything Borlú holds dear.

David Morrissey heads a cast which includes Mandeep Dhillon as Constable Corwi of the Besźel Policzai, Maria Schrader as Senior Detective Dhatt of the Ul Qoma Militsya, Ron Cook  as Borlú’s superior Commissar Gadlem, Danny Webb as hard-right nationalist politician Major Syedr, and Christian Camargo as Doctor Bowden, an American academic.

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David Morrissey says: “I am delighted to be working with the brilliant Tony Grisoni again on this exciting project. I am a huge fan of the original book by China Miéville.”

Executive producer Preethi Mavahalli says: “Set in divided cities where communities live cheek by jowl, choosing what they see, and ‘unsee’, this is a story that explores the way we live together today. The City And The City is a noir thriller with a fantastical twist which will quite literally break boundaries with its unique take on the murder mystery.”

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The City And The City will be filmed on location in Manchester and Liverpool.

David Morrissey as Inspector Tyador Borlu
Mandeep Dhillon as Constable Corwi
Maria Schrader as Senior Detective Dhatt
Ron Cook as Commissar Gadlem
Danny Webb as Major Syedr
Christian Camargo as Doctor Bowden

key behind the scenes crew
China Miéville as Original Author
Tony Grisoni as Writer
Betsan Morris-Evans as Producer
Tom Shankland as Director
Robyn Slovo as Executive Producer
Preethi Mavahalli as Executive Producer
Damien Timmer as Executive Producer
Lucy Richer as Executive Producer

show type
Crime drama with futuristic/scifi overtones

broadcast from
In production for broadcast in 2017

network and production companies
BBC Two – Mammoth

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