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Australian TV

Class Of ’74/’75 (Channel 7 1974-1975 with Anne Lambert and Joanna Samuel)



Australia / Channel 7 – Grundy / 290×30 minute episodes / Broadcast 1974-75 Weekdays 7.00pm The first 191 episodes were in black and white

Creators: John Edwards, Alan Coleman / Executive Producer: Reg Grundy

Nightly soap style drama series. Problems for the staff and pupils of Waratah High School. The title changed for each year of the two seasons the show ran. Class of 74 first season, Class of 75 second season.

Anne Lambert as Peggy ‘The Iceberg’ Richardson
Megan Williams as Ann Watson
Barbara Llewellyn as Nora Hayes
Carla Hoogeveen as Julie Armstrong
John Deidrich ass Barry Collins
Briony Behets as Jorja Jones
Angela Punch as Jane Potter
Abigail as Angelique Dupree
Marty Rhone as Tom Carter
Jeanie Drynan as Mary Dunstan
Leonard Teale as Charles Ogilvy
Adrian Bernotti as Tony Bianco
Peter Bensley as Dennis Braithwaite
Gaynor Sterling as Evie
Joanne Samuel as Sue Taylor
Vince Martin as Gary Evans
Patrick Ward as Sam Wandsworth
Gordon Glenwright as Hubbard
Terry Peck as Mike
John Hamblin as Donald Blair
Janet Kingsbury as Maureen Blair
Christopher Cummings as Greg Simpson
Jeremy Chance as Peter Cooper
Anne Charleston as Faith Adam
Bronwyn Winter as Loretta Day
Alan Lander as Father Paul Kennedy
Chuck Danskin as Glen Turner
Kevin Wilson as John Ward
Gregory Apps as Graham Blair
Chris Benaud as Tim
Greg Bepper as Dean Howard
Peta Toppano as Gina Ferrari