Cocaine Coast (2018, Javier Rey, Tristán Ulloa)

Drama Cocaine Coast takes us to Galacia in Spain during the 1980’s when, because of the hard times faced by many shipowners, contraband and drug smuggling became rife.

The series focuses on young Sito Miñanco who very quickly becomes a key player in the traffiking business, hotly pursued by Detective Sergeant Darío Castro.

production details
Spain / Netflix – Atresmedia Television – Bambu Productions / 10×75 minutes / 2018

Javier Rey as Sito Miñanco
Tristán Ulloa as Darío Castro
Carlos Blanco as Laureano Oubiña
Jana Pérez as Camila
Tamar Novas as Roque
Celso Bugallo as Sito’s father
Fran Lareu as Oli
Cristina Iglesias as Leticia
Miquel Fernández as Baltasar Garzón
Xosé Antonio Touriñán as Paquito Charlín
Chechu Salgado as Javi
Manuel Lourenzo as Terito
Antonio Durán as Manuel Charlín
Marta Larralde as Nieves
Monti Castiñeiras as Colombo
Iván Marcos as Braulio

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Episode 1 – 1981Airdate: 2018-02-28 | A young Sito Miñanco has an opportunity in the business contraband of tobacco, a profit business in Galicia but soon he will know a better business, the fariña, aka cocaine.

Episode 2 – 1982 | Airdate: 2018-03-07 | Sito Miñanco sees the dark side of cocaine when he has troubles to complete the first job. The smugglers talk about traffic with drugs.

Episode 3 – 1983 | Airdate: 2018-03-14 | The law force increase the pressure in the smugglers with new laws and new law force. The drugs enter in the game.

Episode 4 – 1984 | Airdate: 2018-03-21 | As Sito Miñanco continues his cocaine business, sergeant Darío Castro is progressively tracking him down.

Episode 5 – 1985 | Airdate: 2018-04-04 |  After Sito’s sentence at the Carabanchel Jail, he returns to Galicia to make a deal with the Cali and Medellín Cartels.

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Episode 6 – 1986 | Airdate: 2018-04-11 | After Braulio is found murdered under the Colombian necktie method and the smugglers abandon tobacco in favor of cocaine, things start getting ugly around Galicia’s base levels.

Episode 7 – 1987 | Airdate: 2018-04-18 | The drug trade brings addiction to Galicia. The Charlín family takes the risk of partnering with the Colombians, using a human life as a guarantee.

Episode 8 – 1988 | Airdate: 2018-04-25 | Carmen Avendaño and fellow mothers of drug addicts get vocal in their protests. In prison, one of the smugglers secretly writes a transaction record.

Episode 9 – 1989/1990 | Airdate: 2018-05-02 | Judge Garzón in Madrid receives Portabales’s notes and calls Darío. The shot Colombian sicario dies before he can be made to talk, but all is not lost.

Episode 10 – 1990 | Airdate: 2018-05-09 | The smugglers face trial and Portabales testifies against them. Sito offers Ballesteros one last shipment in exchange for help fleeing from Europe.

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