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Come Into The Garden Maud (BBC Drama, Paul Scofield)



In Come Into The Garden Maud we are in a swiss hotel in the mid 1960’s wealthy American businessman Verner Conklin (Paul Scofield), tired with his lack lustre marriage begins a flirtation with down on her luck princess Maud (Geraldine McEwan), meanwhile (off screen) his wife has taken a liking to a prince. It isn’t too long before Conklin realises that he has much more in common with Maud than with his own demanding wife.

With its slightly incongrous Sammes Singers style opening music this is quite a curio, made for the long running Playhouse strand. The cast is top notch though with Geraldine McEwan shining as usual. Somewhat old fashioned in production, almost like a 1950’s single set play with the action all taking place in a couple of hotel rooms. Two days later the BBC broadcast a companion piece called A Song At Twilight, set in the same hotel and featuring some of the same characters, the two productions were amongst the last written by Coward and were usually performed together.

Series: Playhouse Season 8 Episode 62

Cast: PAUL SCOFIELD as Verner Conklin; GERALDINE McEWAN as Maud Caragnani; TOBY ROBINS as Anna-Mary Conklin; BRUCE LIDINGTON as Felix

Writer: Noel Coward / Costumes: Colin Lavers / Illustrations (in opening titles): Tom Taylor / Production Design: Don Taylor / Producer: Rosemary Hill / Director: Cedric Messina

UK / BBC Two / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast 7 July 1982 @ 9.30pm