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Come Rain Come Shine (ITV Drama, David Jason, Shaun Evans)



Sir David Jason stars as cockney former docker Don Mitchell in this emotional family drama. Come Rain Come Shine tells the story of a family plunged headlong into the nightmare of debt and financial ruin who are forced to reassess their lives and rediscover what is really important to them.

Don is incredibly proud of the affluent lifestyle his son David (Shaun Evans) has carved for himself. But David’s wealth – new cars, private schooling for his beloved son Cameron (Drew Blackall), shopping trips to New York for his wife Christine (Anna Wilson-Jones) – is a mirage built on credit and re-mortgaging.

Initially blissfully ignorant of his son’s problems, Don views David through rose-tinted spectacles. Don’s wife Dora (Alison Steadman), on the other hand, often questions David’s lifestyle. Meanwhile, the couple’s daughter Joanne (Kellie Bright) also appears estranged from her wealthy brother as she struggles along as a single parent. When David loses his job, his fall from grace is spectacular. He goes from a detached house in the suburbs to sharing a council flat with his parents in the East End. Don tells himself that David’s fall is just down to bad luck and that his son will soon be restored to his former glory. But Dora takes a more realistic view, trying to convince Don that if he does not help David face reality, more heartache will follow. As he watches his family lurch from one crisis to another, Don puts every ounce of his will into keeping them all together.

Cast: David Jason (Don Mitchell), Alison Steadman (Dora Mitchell), Shaun Evans (David Mitchell), Kellie Bright (Joanne Mitchell), Sally Oliver (Kerry), Anna Wilson-Jones (Christina), Kate Miles (Angela), Simon Dutton (Andy), Miles Richardson (Consultant)

Writer: Jeff Pope / Director: David Drury

UK / ITV / 1×105 minute episode / Broadcast 20 December 2010