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Comedy Playhouse: Murray And Me (BBC Comedy, Chic Murray)



In one off Comedy Playhouse entry Murray and Me Murray (Chic Murray) tries to learn ‘the knowledge’ (of all the streets in London) in order to become a taxi driver whilst also juggling the demands of looking after a young boy (the Me of the title) whilst his mother is out at work.

Chic Murray was a well known Scottish comedian of the era. Murray and Me was his first attempt at a sitcom format but no series was forthcoming. Murray spoke about the production to Jack Bell in the Daily Mirror of Thursday 8 July 1965: “A man has to have a talking point with a boy – and mine is my wonderfully retentive memory. But all the time I’m trying to stop the boy knowing that I’ve forgotten something rather important. It’s a gentle little piece. Bell asked Murray about the differences between performing in cabaret to learning a TV script. “I enjoyed it very much – in fact, I’d like to more. I had no trouble with the lines. We recorded the show in one run – no re-takes or anything. My only worry was keeping in camera shot. On stage you can roam around as you please.“

Besides comedy work Murray and his wife Maidie also ran their own hotel in Edinburgh.

Cast: Chic Murray (Himself), Alan Baulch (Tommy), Harry Locke, Diana Hope, Ann Lancaster, Betty Romaine, Mary Jordan, Bill Treacher, Michael Newport

Writer: John Law / Executive Producer: Graeme Muir / Producer: Philip Barker

UK / BBC1 ‘Comedy Playhouse‘ / 1×25 minutes / Thursday 8 July 1965 Thursday at 8.50pm