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Comedy Playhouse: Pygmalion Smith (BBC Comedy, Leonard Rossiter)



In this one-off production from the Comedy Playhouse strand Pygmalion ‘Smithy’ Smith (Leonard Rossiter) is a less than glamorous photographer in an out of season holiday resort who tries to make a young girl into a star.

Ron Ferrier in the Aberdeen Evening Express (Saturday 22 June 1974) previewed the comedy: Award-winning comedy writer Roy Clarke is the author on Tuesday. His ‘Pygmalion Smith” is a seaside photographer convinced that if he can find an original face and shape to groom as a model, he will become rich and famous… Then one day he sees her, amongst a group of girls from the fish filleting sheds. Beautiful, statuesque, “built like brick.” Leonard Rossiter plays Smithy and Barbara Courtney is his elusive model.

Ron Ferrier also offered a brief review, again in the Aberdeen Evening Express of Saturday 29 June 1974: Comedy Playhouse (BBC 1, Tuesday), saw that exciting actor Leonard Rossiter as Pygmalion Smith, a seaside photographer with his sights on a sexy fish filleter. Despite his usual thoroughly professional performance, the script proved too repetitive and stuttery for him to make much of. Excuse the pun, but it lacked sole!

Cast: LEONARD ROSSITER as Pygmalion Smith / T.P. McKENNA as Brewster / BARBARA COURTNEY as Auriol Pratt / MARGARET BURTON as Mrs Kintoul

Writer: Roy Clarke / Production Design: Barrie Dobbins / Producer and Director: Roger Race

UK / BBC One (Comedy Playhouse) / 1×30 minutes / Tuesday 25 June 1974 at 8.30pm