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Comedy Playhouse: The Reunion (BBC Comedy, Dick Emery)



In this one off comedy the reunion of a group of old friends doesn’t go quite as planned.

The Reunion was the second episode from the second season of Comedy Playhouse. The previous weeks entry had been The Offer (which would go on to become the all conquering Steptoe and Son. At this stage the emphasis was still just on single comedy plays and not about pilots for potential series.

Bill Moss, reviewing the half hour in the Liverpool Echo of Saturday 13 January 1962, found much to enjoy: Not for a long, long time have I seen quite so many top-notch actors assembled In a TV comedy—as distinct from a stage comedy on TV. There was Lee Montague, one of the very best young actors of the small screen; J. G. Devlin, a great Irish character specialist; the versatile Dick Emery, and the polished Patrick Cargill. They were together in a splendid romp, “The Reunion,” in the BBC’s “Comedy Playhouse” series. Maybe the idea of crooks meeting by chance on a job and throwing a party wasn’t entirely new. But what It lacked In originality, “The Reunion” made up for in gusto — and script writers Alan Simpson and Ray Galton never missed a trick. Oh, what a pity the crooks had to get caught in the end. A better conclusion, I suggest, would have been for the police to have solemnly booked them for acting in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace.

Comedy Playhouse Season 2 Episode 2

Cast: LEE MONTAGUE as Maurice Woolley / J.G. DEVLIN as Paddy O’Hanahan / DICK EMERY as Arthur Clench / PATRICK CARGILL as ‘Bow-Tie’ Bertie / JEROLD WELLS as Sammy Burton / BERNARD GOLDMAN as Johnny Burton / DAVID GREGORY as Tommy Whitelaw / CAMERON HALL as Colonel Yateley

Writers: Ray Galton, Alan Simpson / Producer: Duncan Wood

UK / BBC ‘Comedy Playhouse’ / 1×30 minutes / 1962 12 January – Friday 8.45pm