Cover To Cover (ITV 1972, Edna O’Brien, Bryan Magee)

Cover to Cover was a Sunday lunchtime book programme presented by Bryan Magee in which he spoke to writers, illustrators and publishers about the world of books. Some prominent novelists appeared including the likes of Edna O’Brien, John Mortimer and George MacDonald Fraser.

1. NO – BUT I’VE SEEN THE FILM (Broadcast: Sunday 2 Jan 1972 @ 12:05pm)
Bryan Magee looks at recent books which have been turned into movies as well as chats to Edna O’Brien whose own novel Zee and Co had just been turned into a movie.

2. LIKE THAT, WAS IT? (Broadcast: Sunday 9 Jan 1972 @ 12:05pm)
A look at how much fiction is allowed in historical biography. Guests were Neville Williams and John Hale.

3. HEART – THROB (Broadcast: Sunday 16 Jan 1972 @ 12:05pm)
Bryan Magee talks about the art of the romance novel with five prominent authors in the genre – Barbara Cartland, Denise Robins, Kay Thorpe, Kate Norway, Violet Winspear.

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4. BETWEEN THE COVERS (Broadcast: Sunday 23 Jan 1972 @ 12:05pm)
A look at the difficulties of getting into print and the dreaded rejection slip.

5. THE GREATEST ESCAPE (Broadcast: Sunday 30 Jan 1972 @12:05pm)
How a great adventure story can take us out of our evryday lives, with Manning O’Brine and J.T. Edson

6. THIS IS MY LIFE (Broadcast: Sunday 6 Feb 1972 @ 12:05pm)
Bryan talks to Laurie Lee and Jack Dash both of whom have had best selling books based on their life stories and discovers that despite similar beginnings their lives have gone in wildly different directions.

7. DO-IT-YOURSELF BOOKS (Broadcast: Sunday 13 Feb 1972 @ 12:05pm)
A look at the flood of D.I.Y books that have hit the market.

8. ONCE UPON A TIME… (Broadcast: Sunday 20 Feb 1972 @ 12:05pm)
Inside the world of Children’s literature.

9. READ TO PREPARE (Broadcast: Sunday 27 Feb 1972 @ 12.05pm)
Bryan Magee examines how books can help prepare children for adult life.

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10. FUNNY WORLD (Broadcast: Sunday 5 Mar 1972 @ 12:05pm)
Bryan Magee talks to both George MacDonald Fraser (of the Flashman series) and Richard Gordon (of the Doctor series) about the comic novel.

11.YOUR MOVE (Broadcast: Sunday 12 Mar 1972 @ 12:05pm)
Bryan Magee talks to C. Northcote Parkinson about books dealing with human relationships.

12. WHO DONE IT? (Broadcast: Sunday 19 Mar 1972 @ 12:05 pm)
The art of the detective story with Bryan Magee talking to John Creasey about his then latest Gideon novel Gideon’s Power and Joan Fleming about her novel Hell’s Belle.

13. REVISED EDITION (Broadcast: Sunday 26 Mar 1972 @ 12:05pm)
A look at how the great novels have reflected the times in which they were written and whether the modern day novel is doing that enough. With contributions from John Mortimer and Rebecca West.

production details
UK | ITV Network – London Weekend Television | 13×25 minutes | Broadcast 2 January – 26 March 1972 Sundays @ 12.05pm

Designer: Barbara Bates
Producer: David Coulter
Programme Editor: Ann Wolff
Research: Sally Dinning

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