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Crossing, The (ABC 2018, Steve Zahn, Sandrine Holt)



In the idyllic American fishing town of Port Canaan, with its coffee shops, bakeries and bookstores, Sheriff Jude Miller’s days are typically filled with yoga and low-intensity police work. But the peace and quiet of his city is upended when the inexplicable happens: hundreds of bodies wash up on a beach on the outskirts of town. Scores are dead… but 47 have survived.

At the site of the event he’s met by Department of Homeland Security Agent, Emma Ren, and they assess the situation. But the facts don’t add up. No plane crashes or nautical distress signals have been reported and, even stranger, the survivors are all asking for asylum. They say they are Americans, fleeing a war… a war that they claim won’t happen for another 150 years. Survivors like married couple Rebecca and Caleb explain that they are escaping a genetically superior population of humans who have ascended to power in the future and embarked on a campaign to kill off all members of the lower classes. They have been oppressed, hunted; they have come here hoping for a better life.

Conspiracy theories begin to take root; no one knows if these people are actually refugees, invaders, or actors in a complicated hoax. Emma, though skeptical, reports back to her superiors at Homeland Security. Until all the facts can be ascertained, and a plan of action realized, it is deemed necessary for the survivors to be held under strict supervision in a secret location. As the case grows in importance Jude finds himself marginalized by Emma and the Feds. But when he is confronted by Rae – a survivor of the crossing who has found herself separated from the others – she appears to have physical and mental capabilities that go far beyond the norm. She is a member of this advanced master race, of which the survivors have spoken.

But Rae, he learns, is not some evil agent, sent to hunt the refugees. But just a mother, seeking her daughter, from whom she has been separated… and with whom she has come, like the others, seeking a better life. And in order to find her daughter, she is going to need Jude’s help. As the Feds continue to monitor the survivors, it becomes clear that this most unusual group of visitors will change and disrupt the lives of the people in this peaceful town… and that their presence here could ultimately put the whole world in grave danger.

Steve Zahn as Jude Miller
Sandrine Holt as Emma Ren
Bailey Skodje
Grant Harvey as Roy
Jay Karnes as Craig Lindauer
John D’Leo as Will
Kelley Missal as Hannah
Marcuis W. Harris as Caleb
Natalie Martinez
Rick Gomez
Rob Campbell as Paul
Simone Kessell as Rebecca
Tommy Bastow as Marshall

key behind the scenes crew
Dan Dworkin as Creator/Executive Producer
Jason Reed as Executive Producer
Jay Beattie as Creator/Executive Producer
Rob Bowman as Director of Pilot

show type
scifi drama

broadcast from
2 April 2018

network and production companies
ABC – ABC Studios