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Crossing the Floor (BBC-2 1996, Tom Wilkinson, Neil Pearson)



In comedy Crossing The Floor the government has a majority of just one, and is trailing hopelessly in the opinion polls when the Home Secretary David Hanratty decides to resign his post, join the Labour Party and force a General Election.

Tom Wilkinson (The Full Monty) heads a strong ensemble cast, including Neil Pearson (Drop The Dead Donkey) and Helen Baxendale (Friends) in this pacey comedy by the award-winning screenwriter Guy Jenkin. While Hanratty struggles to placate his true-blue Tory wife, fulfil the desires of his press secretary-cum-mistress, and become a New Labour Man in record time, the contradictions in his personal and private life build to breaking point.

Sequel to A Very Open Prison.

production details
UK | BBC Two | 1×90 minute | 1996

Writer and Director: Guy Jenkin
Producer: Lissa Evans

Tom Wilkinson as David Hanratty
Neil Pearson as Tom Peel
Diana Kent as Alison Hanratty
Helen Baxendale as Ruth Clarke
Douglas Henshall as Clive Colville
James Fleet as Prime Minister
Clive Russell as Mick Boyd
Meera Syal as Reporter
Jonathan Cullen as Michael Hilton
James Ellis as Andrew Carson
Rosemary Martin as Janet Pearce
Andy Hamilton as Daily Comet Editor
Paula Jacobs as Madam Speaker
Geoffrey Whitehead as Asst. Chief Constable Turpin
Julian Fellowes as Sir Mortimer Fawkes
Norman Bird as Grandfather
Tony Gardner as TV Interviewer
Moray Hunter as Down and Out
Carolyn Pickles as Returning Officer
Helena McCarthy as Old Lady
Bill Wallis as Local Party Leader
Bill Thomas as Boozer McGill
Mark Benton as Ambulance Man
Sophie Dix as Ambulance Woman
Jonathan Stratt as Policeman
Jasper Jacob as Liberal Democrat