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If The Crown Fits… (ITV 1961, Robert Morley, Peter Bull)



Sitcom If The Crown Fits detailed episodes in the life of King Rupert, ruler of Mediterranean Grabnia.

His daughter, Princess Amelia (Tracey Reed) is something of a beatnik, who prefers to wear jeans and a sweater rather than a dress and a tiara. She goes to college and spends much of her spare time riding around on the back of her boyfriend’s scooter.

Rather surprisingly filmed on location in Spain.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 6×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 29 April – 3 June Saturday 1961 9.30pm black and white

Writer: Robert Morley / Director: Alan Tarrant

Robert Morley as King Rupert of Grabnia
Peter Bull as Major Domos
Tracy Reed as Princess Amelia
Miles Malleson as Prime Minister
Erik Chitty as Stevens the footman
Richard Walter as Horace the sentry
David Cole as George
Charles Lloyd Pack as Chancellor
Gladys Cooper
Robert Hardy as Fred Potter
Richard Caldicot as Paxton