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Cruel Train (BBC-2 1996, David Suchet, Minnie Driver)



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Based on La Bete Humaine, Emile Zola’s classic thriller of violent passions and sexual jealousy, Cruel Train is a stylish film noir set in Britain during the Blitz, starring David Suchet and Minnie Driver.

Suchet plays deputy station master Ruben Roberts in warn-torn Britain in the 1940s. Ruben vows revenge when he discovers that he owes everything – his job, his marriage and his home – to the sexual favors of his beautiful wife, Selena (Saskia Reeves).

She has been forced in to a relationship with her abusive godfather, the rich and powerful railway chairman Arthur Grandridge. Ruben’s jealous frenzy unleashes powerful passions which spiral out of control?

production details
UK / BBC Two / 1×100 minute episodes / Broadcast 22 December 1996

Writer and Director: Malcolm McKay / Novel: Emile Zola / Executive Producer: Chris Parr / Producer: Mervyn Gill-Dougherty

David Suchet as Ruben Roberts
Minnie Driver as Flora
Adrian Dunbar as Jack Dando
Saskia Reeves as Selena Roberts
Alec McCowen as Superintendent Fish
Melanie Hill as Phyllis
Bryan Pringle as Maurice Mussell
Jonathan Moore as Sergeant Handy
Richard Ridings as Percy Cotton
Vivienne Burgess as Mrs Liddle
Gerard Horan as Colin Caine
Sheila Reid as Vera
Patrick Godfrey as Davidson
Steven Crossley as John Muster
Paul McKay as Henry Holloway
David Belcher as Arthur Grandridge
Gerry Hinks as Railway Policeman
Danny Davies as Air Raid Warden
Vincent Worth as Newsvendor
Louise Papillon as Waitress
Sean Connelly as Soldier
Derek Lewis as Assistant Station Master
Lee Broom as Messenger Boy