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DA, The (NBC 1971-1972, Robert Conrad, Harry Morgan)



The DA

Crime drama series The DA focused on the exploits of crusading district attorney Paul Ryan. The show had two segments: first, Deputy D.A. Ryan and his team would investigate the crime, then Ryan would serve as prosecuting attorney. His courtroom adversary in most cases was Public Defender Katherine Benson, representing the accused. Bob Ramerez acted as Paul’s main investigator whilst Charlotte was his secretary.

The courtroom part of the show was done with Ryan doing voice-over narration to explain legal terminology and procedures to the audience.

production details
USA / NBC – Universal/ Jack Webb / 13×25 minute episodes / Broadcast 17 September 17 1971 – 7 January 1972

Executive Producer: Jack Webb

Robert Conrad as Deputy D.A. Paul Ryan
Harry Morgan as Chief Deputy D.A. “Staff” Stafford
Ned Romero as D.A. Investigator Bob Ramirez
Julie Cobb as Public Defender Katherine Benson
Sonja Dunson as Charlotte
Victor Izay as Judge Simmons
Ron Foster as Lieutenant Vaughn
Russ Conway as Captain Langham