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Dandelion Dead (ITV True Crime, Michael Kitchen, Sarah Miles)



Period crime drama serial Dandelion Dead was based on a true story from the 1920’s which saw solicitor Major Herbert Armstrong (Michael Kitchen) accused of murdering his wife Katherine (Sarah Miles).

Another strong role for the superb Kitchen and good to see a rare TV performance from Sarah Miles too as his wife who eventually succumbs to poisoning. The rest of the cast was particularly strong too with appearances from Diana Quick, Robert Stephens and Bernard Hepton.

Cast: MICHAEL KITCHEN as Herbert Armstrong; SARAH MILES as Katherine Armstrong; DAVID THEWLISS as Oswald Martin; DIANA QUICK as Marion Glassford-Gale; PETER VAUGHAN as Tom Hincks; ROBERT STEPHENS as Vaughan; BERNARD HEPTON as Davies; ROGER LLOYD PACK as Phillips; PATRICK GODFREY as Griffiths; ARBEL JONES as Barmaid / DON HENDERSON as Chief Inspector Crutchett; PAUL BROOKE as Arthur

Writer: Michael Chaplin / Music: Barrington Pheloung / Costume: Evangeline Harrison / Design: Voytek / Producer: Patrick Harbinson / Executive Producer: Sarah Wilson / Director: Mike Hodges

UK / ITV Network – London Weekend Television / 2×120 minute episode / 6-13 February 1994